What We Believe

We believe that the children are not the future citizens of the country, but the present citizens. When you support Nineismine's work, you help us build a better present for children.

Director’s Meet on National Inclusive Children’s Parliament 

NINEISMINE runs a vibrant network of Children’s Parliament across India which is an advocacy platform for young child advocates that promote their Right to Participate. We are currently working towards the goal of setting in motion a tradition of Child Parliamentarians engaging with elected Members of Parliament ideally in Parliament itself by November 2020.

Towards our aim of creating one Federated National Inclusive Children’s Parliament, we  aspire to gather leaders of various Child Rights Organizations, who have the capacity, the reach and the interest in federating Children’s Parliaments and who are willing to invest in the same.

We, therefore, seek to organize a National Directors’ meet on the 16th of September 2019 in New Delhi (venue: DCC Hall, Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi-110001) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. We hope you (or a senior program lead who is authorized to both take decisions and to relay the learning back into your organizational programs) will participate in the same. We are hoping that following this meeting your entire network would buy into the idea of Children’s Parliaments and join the federation.

To fulfill the mission we are organizing National Director’s Meet on Monday, 16th September 2019.

While participation under sponsorships have been closed, self – sponsored participation (arranging own travel and stay) are still open. To confirm your participation, kindly mail us at mitra.rashi@pratyek.org.in . Call us in case of any query: 9911703999 / 9999651098.

Our Projects

1-Ashok Place, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, New Delhi-110001 India.
The Background The use of mobile phones and internet has increased substantially ...
In Progress
Background- Primary school enrolment figures have shown an impressive rise, but the ...

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Centre For Social Equity and Inclusion
Bal Suraksha Abhiyan Trust
Bethany Society Shillong
Yuva Rural Association
MAgic bus India Foundation
Save the Children
World Vision


“NINEISMINE is a ladder of opportunities. It allows the children to have a direct conversation with the political leaders in India and also the diplomatic missions in and around the world for their rights. It is doing a great job. I am also very happy to be an active member of NINEISMINE.”

-Vijay Kumar

“Our whole hearted support to NINEISMINE..because only healthy and educated kids can be the foundation of our progressive nation.”

-Neeharika Singh

“It is a pleasure to be connected with NINEISMINE and I support its efforts to make India a better place to live in. And I feel proud to know that my son was a part of the recent campaign held in SMO.”

-Madhumita Mulick

“It was a pleasure working with Nine is Mine as a volunteer, I got to know and learned so many things from the people of this organization.They are doing the right things at the right time for the biggest problem prevailing in our country i.e poverty.I wish them all the very best and hope that they accomplish their mission of making poverty history.”

-Rohan Kwatra
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