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PRATYeK, is a registered society which came into existence on 9th October 2013 with an emphasis on ‘Presence and Ruthfulness for Advocacy and Training of the Young in Earth-rights and Kids-rights’. PRATYeK in Hindi means ‘everyone’ and it captures the essence of protecting and promoting all rights and opportunities to every child in India by creating a vibrant network of child rights, NGO’s spanning across every state of the country. 

PRATYeK is also the convening organization for the NINEISMINE campaign.


The NINEISMINE campaign grew out of Nelson Mandela’s call to ordinary citizens to keep governments accountable to fulfilling the MDGs. Children in India took upon themselves the task to ensurethe fulfillment of Goals 2 and 3 and 4 – all of which refer to children. Later the campaign grew to realize the exclusion issue of children particularly in the context on India. They, therefore,incorporated a strong focus on the “last child”. However, keeping alive the need to ensure that allsections of India (the children of privileged middle-class and excluded communities) all interact together to find common solutions. The NINEISMINE campaign believes that “Child rights abusesanywhere are a concern for children everywhere”.


PRATYeK recognizes children as primary stakeholders of society and therefore seeks to provide them with local, national and international forums towards effectively engaging with policies,policymakers while ensuring the effective implementation of the same. PRATYeK coordinates a larger networkof child rights organizations and networks with a presence in practically every state and union territory ofIndia. NINEISMINE believes that while children set out to learn the principles embedded in the CRC, they would also be engaged in affecting national level changes as equal and active citizens TODAY.