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Campaign description

The Background

The use of mobile phones and internet has increased substantially among children, yet there is little discussion about the dangers and risks that it brings.
Online violence is considered to be a virtual problem, even though it has implications in the real world.

What is the extent of the problem?

  • 53% of children in India have been cyber-bullied, according to a Global Youth Online Behaviour Survey released by Microsoft.
  • Only 39% parents discuss the risks of online abuse with their children.

About the Campaign

This online campaign, implemented with the help of UNICEF, aims to spread awareness and encourage conversation about online safety and online violence against children. We interviewed professionals from various backgrounds, highlighted the problems, explained preventive measures and privacy settings and spoke about reporting mechanisms for online abuse or violence of any form.

How can you help?

If you have faced any form of online abuse, share your experience with us! It could be online grooming, bullying, harassment, trolling, fraud, exploitation, defamation, etc. Share the campaign, help spread the word!

Watch the videos from the campaign below!


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