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Campaign description


According to Statistical Abstract of Delhi, Government of NCT dropout ratio in Delhi schools for general education was 5.9% for classes I-V, 22.9% for classes I-X in the year 2010-11. 11.72 million children were engaged in child labour in India.(Census 2011)

  • India ranks 97 out of 156 countries in the childs rights index for the year 2017.
  • 40% of India’s children are classified vulnerable by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (needs to be confirmed)
  • Human rights and child rights are not formally taught in our present education system.



To create a pilot group of empowered young advocates from vulnerable communities of our neighbourhood for active engagement in local and global child rights and earth rights issues.


  • To facilitate the development of 120 YASH children and make them aware their rights,social issues and current affairs around the globe.
  • To have 3 active YASH Children’s Parliaments – 1 Youth Parliament, 1 Junior Children’s Parliament and 2 Children’s Parliaments..
  • To supplement learning received by children in Government schools.
  • To conduct regular capacity building sessions for children to empower them to address local, state, national and global issues.
  • To ensure that every YASH child grows towards becoming a responsible global citizen.
  • To enable children to ensure the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • To enhance communication and English speaking skills and personality development of members of the YASH group
    Target group-
    Age group– 6-18 year olds
    Location– Slums/ communities in central Delhi and suburban Mumbai

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