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Dear Friends,

Every 19 seconds an Indian child below the age of 5, dies to simple curable childhood diseases… dies to poverty!

And yet India spends only about 1.04%* of its GDP (public spending) on public health, making it one of the lowest in the world.

Children of India have a Right to Education. Yet India has a shortage of 1.2 million teachers, to make this a reality. India currently spends only 3.3%* on education.

Make children the plank on which General Elections 2014 will be fought.
Sign the petition to candidates contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

Endorse the NINEISMINE Children’s Manifesto. Vote for the children of India. vote4me.

A child of India.

*GDP public spending 2011-2012 as recorded in

Dear Political Parties and all Candidates contesting in India’s General Elections 2014,

As citizens of one world we are concerned about the kitizens of India. We demand that India invests adequately in her children, particularly in their health (5%*) and education (6%*).
We wish to see all political manifestos prioritizing children and their concerns.

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