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Take 9
Prizes worth Rs 30,000 to be won
Final Judges – Raghu Rai (India), Alberto Mateo (Spain)
1st round Judges :- Reginald Milton,Desmond Robert, William Chang
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The NINEISMINE campaign is a children’s advocacy campaign for the children , of the children and by the children. The focus of the campaign is to ensure that our nation (and the world) accountable to its commitments stated in the Millennium Declaration. This campaign is led by Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA), which is the Make Poverty History campaign of India. WNTA works for the promotion and fulfillment of the Millennium Development Goals towards seeing ‘the end of poverty and social exclusion’.
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National Children’s Parliament
Children’s Parliament is a fantastic opportunity to voice your opinions in the most public forum of them all -at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi!
As the largest Children’s program being held in India, Children’s Parliament has grown to become a highly recognized and commended program, providing a unique forum for Children to express their views whilst developing leadership skills and learning about the Parliamentary system.

The 20th of November is celebrated world wide as UN Child Rights’ Day, children intend hosting a series of events
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To follow up on last year’s State Coordinator’s meet, we seek to organize the same on the occasion of World End Poverty Day (17th October, 2012). Contact persons from different states will be invited to join a one day workshop. During this workshop (on the eve of World End Poverty Day) at which we hope activists from the Health and Education Sector would share the present context.
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18th of July – Mandela Day
Release of the website www.nineismine.in. Each registration makes available Rs. 9 to the campaign.

14th of August – Wada Na Todo Diwas (Keep The Promise day)

(Children wear a white headgear to school marked with the NINEISMINE logo)
Invite the local press to support their call for deliver on 9.
(send us press reports at rally4nine@gmail.com)

17th of October – UN End Poverty Day
(Children engage with their local Members of Parliament seeking letters of support for the delivery of 9)
See sample support pledge cards.
Send original signed letters of support to P.O.Box 749 Chandigarh 160019

13th of November – The Day of the Deprived Child
(Each state is invited to organize a hearing of 3 vulnerable children who are still out of school. These testimonies are filed as cases of neglect at the National/ State Commissioners for the Protection of rights of a Child.These testimonies would further form the basis of a report to be submitted at the UN)

20th of November – Child Rights’ Day
Children from various schools engage with local elected representatives – panchayat members, municipal councilors, village sarpanch, and MLAs seeking their support in achieving the promise of 9.
See sample support pledge cards.
Send original signed letters of support to P.O.Box 749 Chandigarh 160019

Take 9
“India free from illiteracy and disease”, this is what ‘The Kothari Commission’ in the year 1966 envisioned when they recommended 6% of the G.D.P. for education by 1986. Successive governments had ignored this recommendation until the UPA-I in the year 2004 promised to fulfill this goal by the year 2009, moreover they promised to devote 3% of the GDP to health by the same.
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30th of January – Public day Celebrations
A rally of 9 child representatives each from each state in Delhi a month before the announcement of the national budget. The format that they would use is that of the Republic day parade but with a creative twist to emphasize on the voices of the vulnerable.
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27th of February – Budget us in Day (Day Diya Diwas)
Children light candles at significant places in villages and cities in anticipation of the delivery of 9. Interact with the press
Send Photograph and Press articles to rally4nine@gmail.com

1st April – Anniversary of the Implementation of the Right to Education in India.
Action yet to be decided