Sustainable Development Goals Day 2017

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years.


On the occasion of the second anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, Nineismine has put together a video stating all the goals to the special song created for us by Eka Music- Leave No One Behind.

The video consists of clips of children from Edmund Rice Schools all over the world drumming out poverty and supporting SDGs. Watch the video above to know all the goals!

We’d like to thank Eka Music for this wonderful song! You can visit their Facebook Page or their website to get in touch with them.

You can listen to the full song below; we’ve also added the lyrics below for your convenience 🙂 Happy SDG Day!

Namaste Jumbo Salaam
Oh o o o o o Hello …
So many across the world living hand to mouth
We could fulfil their needs if we cared about
They too have rights like we, let us hear them out
The time is now and we, we must end this drought
Let’s make poverty history
Embrace them all
Let’s make poverty history
Let’s give them our all
We Believe it’s a call
For you and me one and all
Don’t just be kind, bear in mind
Leave no one behind

Come on come on come on let’s turn the tide
The One and Only, in Her we do abide
The Earth has spoken
Oh She’s broken
She stood the test of time
She is sublime

And the time is just prime
That we change paradigm
Make real her rights, with laws redefined
Leave not her behind

The Global Goals is a call
For you and me one and all
Don’t just be kind, bear in mind
Leave no one behind
Sarvodaya, Antyodaya
Verse: 3
Children across the world, let’s scale new heights
Speak and be heard, come join this festival of rights
Prosperity to our Progeny
Peace to all Earthkind
People, planet and partnerships
All realigned
Our motives redesigned
For the lost humankind
Don’t just be kind, bear in mind
Leave no one behind
The world’s last lost and least
Unheard voices released
Don’t just be kind, bear in mind
Leave no one behind

Leave no one behind
Leave no one behind
It’s the call of time
Leave no one behind (End Poverty & Malnutrition)

Leave no one behind (Health and Inclusive Education)

Leave no one behind (Safe cities and Gender Justice)
It’s the call of time (Energy, Water and Equality for All)
Leave no one behind (Decent Work & Technology for All)
Leave no one behind (Responsible Consumption & Climate Change)
Leave no one behind (Justice, Peace and Partnership)
It’s the call of time (Life in Oceans, Life on Land)
Leave no one behind

Music produced, composed, arranged and performed by Eka Music.

Eka Music is Benjamine Pinto ( Vocals and Keyboards), Hitesh ‘Rikki Madan ( Vocals and Guitars), Lokesh Madan ( Vocals and Bass Guitar)
Lyrics: Benjamine Pinto, Hitesh ‘Rikki’ Madan, Lokesh Madan.
Additional lyrics: Brother Steve Rocha, Astha
Special mentions

Thank you: Ariv Madan, Advay Madan, Dhruvin Lokesh Madan, Doyel Madan, Aarav Madan, YAHnica, BethELi Menezes Pinto
Mixed and Mastered : Umar Shaikh @Kabir Studio Mumbai

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