Public Day Parade


A Rally around the National Stadium on Martyrs’ day


  • Nine children from each state who represent varied facets of vulnerability (Children in street situation, substance abusers, abandoned children, victims of natural calamities etc.).
  • Children from delhi schools and NGOs join in.

How You Can Help:

  • Attend meeting to plan the event , held every first sunday at St. Columba’s School , Ashoka Road , at 6 PM.
  • Help required to connect with MPs, Ministers, Media, Funds, Etc.


From the 24th of January 2012 (the eve of Republic Day)
To the 2nd of February 2012 (a month before the announcement of the budget)


  • To stir up public support and opinion to press for the delivery of the Centre’s promise to deliver on its promise to allocate 9% of the GDP for education and health.
  • To give children an experience of advocacy and participation in governance accountability and citizenship.
  • To give vulnerable children a platform to press for inclusive growth and policies.

How 1:

Groups of nine children (and an escort) each would be selected from different states. This team of nine would be chosen on the basis on the nature of vulnerability they represent as well as to ensure that varied kinds are represented on a national level. These children would be invited to New Delhi and would be hosted by various schools in the Capital. The host schools would be invited to interact with these delegates while organizing visits to the Republic day parade, a Delhi tour and the Gandhi Darshan.

The schedule

25th of January – Arrival and welcome at host schools
26th of January – Participation at the republic day parade (morning)
Welcome and beginning of Visual Voices workshop
27th of January – Visual Voices workshop (with preparation for delegations)
28th of January – Visual Voices workshop (with preparation for the rally)
29th of January – Visual Voices workshop (with preparation for the rally)
30th of January – Public Day Celebrations at the National Stadium
Attending the Gandhi Punya Tithi celebrations at the Gandhi Samadhi
Candle light meet at India gate
31st of January – Delegations to Ministers (Evening Delhi tour)
1st of February – Delegations to MPs of respective states.
2nd of February- Delegates leave for Home.

How 2:

The format for the 30th January – Public Day Celebrations – is that of the Republic day except that the focus would be ‘The Other India’. The nine delegates would be invited to use their cultural dances to celebrate an inclusive, equal world. Their Children from the capital city would be invited to join the Public day Rally and participate in it through march pasts and brass bands or by creating a carnival like atmosphere with the help of equipment they would have used during their sports days or annual concerts. Some may even wish to organize floats and banners on the theme of a poverty free, inclusive India which provides education and health for all. We hope to invite child activists and child celebrities to the events.

Highlights of the Gathering:

  • 9 vulnerable children with 2 adults representing each state,Link up with a Delhi school each.
  • Engage in a workshop to share their own experiences of social exclusion and poverty and inaccessibility to education.


  • Republic Day Parade
  • Beating the Retreat
  • Gandhi Punyatithi
  • Delhi tour

Delegations on the 31st of March:

  • Planning commissioners
  • Finance minister
  • HRD Minister
  • Health Minister
  • Child welfare minister
  • Prime minister
  • President
  • NAC – chief
  • Education minister

Delegations on the 1st of February:

An MP of each state (preferable one of the ruling party in that state)

The Rally:

  • Domesticated Animals (sheep, Goats, Cows and Buffaloes).
  • Child Rights Activists (on Elephants).
  • Child Celebrities (Tabla Prodigy of CWG, Keshav) .
  • Children dorn their own states costume. Dance their cultural dances with their State drums.
  • Each host school joins them in their dances, march pasts, brass bands or adds to the pageantry with banners and other (sports/drill/concert related) paraphernalia.
  • Other schools are invited to join rally and use.
  • 2 minutes silence on Martyrs day.
  • Release of a Theme song that can be easily translated and sung in various local languages.
  • Start an SMS campaign at the rally.
  • Announce a Dey Diya Diwas (27th Feb).