The United Nations invites us to mark the 18th of July as Mandela Day. A day dedicatedto Freedom, Justice and Democracy. Recognizing that there are various groups of society that are invariably excluded, the NINEISMINE campaign dedicates the day to an added value of Inclusion of all people (irrespective of their, color, creed, caste gender or disability).
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Geneva Lobbying

Gentle Voices Find Loud Echoes at the UN
Children report to the UN on Child Rights situation in India
What began of as a little step in the rights direction may well turn out to be a giant leap for children’s participation in decision-making and evaluative processes.
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Public Day Carnival 2012

The NINEISMINE Public Day celebrations, organised by children, calling for the honoring of the promise of 9% of the GDP to be allocated for children’s health and education, was attended by more than 2000 children AT St Columba’s school, Delhi, on February 1st, 2012. Originally the parade was to be held at India gate, and on 30th January.
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Final India UPR Submission

This submission of Edmund Rice International was largely written by eighteen children – Angelina, Remenberlang, Dilbert, Kamdathmu, Evermoon, Aitimon, Ribanline, Bayakmenlang, Rikida, Adeline, Rosalyne, Kashmiri, Albert, Daryll, Neil, Paul, Dzipu and Anees from the North East of India (a geographically vulnerable region of India) on behalf of the children of India.
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Nau Kadam Express 2011

The following is a summary of the recently culminated Nau kadam Yatra which in a way captures the essence of the campaign.
Imagine a group of children from the North east (9 of who are disabled) travelling through nine states, interacting with peers at each halt and listening to their stories of exclusion and deprivation.
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Cycle Rally


My name is Raja. I am 16 years old. I am presently appearing for my class ten open board exam. My father works as a gardener in golf club of Chandigarh. We come from a dalit family. My house is in Bapu Dham colony, a slum area situated on the fringes of ‘the city beautiful.’ As I was studying I heard about the NINEISMINE campaign which is coordinated the Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. This rally held a cycle rally from Chandigarh to Delhi. Many of my friends and I took part in this rally. Many of my friends were also to the Dalit community. Others represented minority communities and migrant communities. Almost all of us live in slums of Chandigarh.
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Early Days of NINE is MINE

20 children led the 9-Is-Mine delegation to the Prime Minister on 1st February, 2006. The Prime Minister received them at his residence on 7 Race Course Road, and spent exclusive time with the children.
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Chandigarh protests misuse of Education Funds

A couple of days ago, about 200 children gathered at the Central Plaza of sector 17 Chandigarh for an unusual activity. It was one that I wouldn’t normally associate with traditional schooling.
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Children meet Kapil Sibal

“I Support your Campaign… I am with your Campaign” vouched Mr Kapil Sibal as he brisked passed a number of young r activists of the NINEISMINE campaign who had gathered at the Edu Summit ’11 held at CII Chandigarh .
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